The best crypto bot creation platform is now free with Binance

The best crypto bot creation platform
Get a subscription for free with our special Binance offer! It’s a special, generously structured account that gives traders everything they need to create, test, demo and live trade their strategies as crypto bots., brings powerful, well informed trading automation to independent traders that don’t want to spend time on coding, but need to be present in the markets 24/7, with perfect execution. Now free to use when trading on Binance! 
Strategies are created through simple typing. They can be tested for crypto, forex and stocks, deployed on live trading as crypto bots or paper traded and demoed on real time market conditions. We support the biggest crypto exchanges.

Can I create a grid/dca/specific type of bot?

You can create any type of bot you please. The level of flexibility should accommodate any style of trading.

What makes different? contains more data than any other platform and it can be combined in infinite ways to allow traders to craft any strategy they have in mind. Price action, technical indicators, crypto fundamentals, candlestick patterns, market caps, dominance correlation with other assets – all out of the box. 
Trading results are packed with clarity and statistics. This helps you advance your trading by being able to zoom in on any detail, even if you are trading many strategies. lets you test your trading strategies, no matter if they are simple or complex in minutes. Historical data runs back 50 years on the assets that have that much history. You can then automate your trading or demo your strategies on papertrading. 
The first platform that works for crypto, forex and stock traders, allowing them to shrink their strategy creation time by doing it all through simple typing. 
More data than anywhere else on the web and backtesting so easy that anyone can do it. 
Independent traders finally get radically better crypto bots and sophistication through simplicity for any asset that they dabble in. 
In case you are still trading without a trading strategy, you might find it hard to improve your actions or improve your trading results. features free strategies, all profitable when historically tested that you can modify or straight up trade. 

What can I do in 

  • Create crypto, forex or equities strategies through simple typing 
  • Backtest trading strategies for crypto, forex and equities 
  • Crypto strategies can be automated on the exchange of choice as crypto bots 
  • Place trades with simultaneous Trailing Take Profit and Trailing Stop Loss 
  • Papertrade to test out strategies in current market conditions 
  • Use free, profitable when tested strategies

Who is for? is easy to use and approachable even for traders that are starting out. Under the hood it has more than enough power to satisfy even the most experienced omni-asset traders. 

  • Crypto traders that want to create, test or automate their trading 
  • Forex traders that want to test or papertrade their strategies 
  • Stock traders that want sophisticated asset selection

Who owns my strategy?

You do, as stated in our Terms & conditions . Unless it is something super common like “when RSI is above 30.” The algorithm is in and we have permission to run it though our Services. The full Terms & conditions  can be found here and are available on every page of the site at the bottom.

How do I get help? 

  • We do free onboarding calls! If you’d like to set up something specific or have a walkthrough we would love to help! 
  • Our responsive staff will answer any question you might have – reach out via chat on 
  • The helpdesk is always available and growing.

So is it really for free on Binance?

When trading via Binance it is 100% free. Including running live crypto bots. Our subscription plans of €249, €149, and €69 apply only when you do not connect a Binance account. 
You do need to fulfil 2 conditions for the Binance account: 
1. Needs to be created after July 21, 2020 
2. Cannot be created using a referral code 
That’s it! In case you need to create a new account feel free to – no KYC. 
You probably still have questions…

Can I make money with your bot? 

We do not sell a bot, but help you work on your strategies and automate the best. Or place one-off trades with simultaneous (trailing) stop loss and take profit. You become a better trader, you don’t have to rely on shady signals, you get to achieve your long-term trading goals. 
We do feature strategies that are all tested when profitable and you are free to test them, change them or straight up trade them. 

Is it safe?

You never transfer any funds to us, everything stays on the exchange. 
Do I have to link and account to try the platform? 
No, we have a freemium version that lets you create strategies and backtest them. 
You can find the details here or check out the offer

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