About CLEO.one

About CLEO.one

What is CLEO.one?

CLEO.one is a financial technology provider for crypto, forex and equities. Bringing algorithmic trading to everyone is our approach. We took complex and fragmented financial tools, simplified them dramatically and made them available in one powerful hub to all individual traders. Our ultimate goal is to make independent traders more successful.

CLEO.one team at Fintech festival in Singapore
CLEO.one team at Fintech festival in Singapore

The team behind it all has deep expertise in algorithmic trading, data architecture, machine learning, and capital markets with a successful track record within the financial sector. Our team is headquartered in London with operations in beautiful Prague.

CLEOone team after completing a night race
CLEO.one running team

We like dogs, cupcakes, long debates about UX, and run marathons to support good causes.

CLEOone team smiling after completing a race
Now we get to smile

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Why are we doing this?

The motivation stems from the frustration of not being able to use anything similar to the pristine institutional trading terminals that are expensive and in-comprehensive, in our own trading, which makes trading strategy improvement difficult, painstaking and time consuming.