Crypto trading bots with no programming – what kind of rules can you set?

16 October 2019

4 min read

Reasons why to use crypto bots.

Testing trading strategies and deploying live crypto bots can be done in under 10 minutes.

The beauty of the platform is its flexibility that provides infinite possibilities when creating your crypto trading strategies in minutes. We’ll provide some inspiration into what you can do.

How your trading ideas can be inserted into – the basic syntax of a trading rule

When you start typing you will get many options on how to finish the rule. Just because there are many options, it does not mean that the input is complicated. The basic syntax can be broken into 3 parts:


A few examples straight from the platform:

Crypto trading strategy - BTC price is below 7700

Setting a rule that will be triggered when the price of a trading pair, in this case BTC/USDT is below/above a certain threshold

Crypto trading strategy - SMA is crossing up EMA

Any Moving Average crossing up/down the same, or another Moving Average

Crypto trading strategy - MACD turns green or positive

MACD histogram turning green indicating a bullish reversal

Crypto trading strategy - VWAP up by 10% in last week

An increase in Volume Weighted Average Price

Crypto trading strategy - ETHBTC is down by 2 percent in last day

Use the price movement of any pair to trade the same or a different pair

Crypto trading strategy - RSI is above 80

Identify oversold/overbought levels with RSI or Stochastic

Candlestick patterns

Candlesticks and patters work very similarly, with the syntax being [CANDLE/CANDLESTICK PATTERN] is [BULLISH/BEARISH] [CHOSEN CANDLESTICK/PATTERN]


Crypto trading strategy - Candlestick Pattern is bullish breakaway

A bullish strategy that can pertain to any trading pair

Crypto trading strategy - Candlestick pattern is bearish engulfing

A bearish strategy that can pertain to any trading pair

Crypto fundamentals


When Bitcoin Dominance is down by 3% in last day example of strategy

When Bitcoin Dominance is going down you could choose to increase your altcoin holdings

When the total Crypto Market Cap is up by 5% in last week example of strategy

A bullish strategy based on the total crypto market cap increasing

Putting it all together – trading rules to trading strategy

And finally, to demonstrate what a whole trading strategy/crypto bot would look like:

Shorting strategy for ETHUSDT waiting on a bearish engulfing and overbought RSI to happen at the same time

This is a shorting strategy for ETH/USDT waiting on a bearish engulfing and overbought RSI to happen at the same time.

This is a longing strategy for BTC/USDT. When the 9 period SMA (you can edit the period by clicking on the SMA after you set the rule) crosses the 20 period EMA while Bitcoin’s price is below 7800 USDT a purchase of BTC will happen. If price reaches 12000 the trade will be closed.

If you are interested in a more holistic overview of testing and creating a trading bot on check out this video:

Try your hand at creating a strategy and let us know what you think! We’re excited to see what you come up with!